Emmedi is an Italian company operating since more than 20 years in the field of development and realization of application for the banking sector.

Since 1993, Emmedi is a reality of innovation in the development and design of decoding algorithms, from magnetic, optical signal and barcodes, which are advanced, accurated and highly reliable. Thanks to the twenty years’ experience of its team of engineers and specialized technicians, gained in the field, today Emmedi boasts on a know-how of knowledge and skills unique in the world.

Dedication, seriousness and constancy in the research and development activity: these are the core values of Emmedi. Thanks to them, Emmedi today can count on important and relevant partnerships with all main Italian suppliers of informative systems for the banking market: Cedacri, Phoenix Informatica Bancaria, Iside, S.B.A., Informatica Bancaria Trentina, C.S.E., SEC Servizi.

Furthermore, the professionalism of Emmedi is measured on the wide and branched presence of its solutions and applications in the Italian banking market, with more than 150 customer banks spread on all Italian territory, to which to add also 5 of 7 main Italian banking groups. 


The activity of Emmedi

In twenty years of constant activity and commitment, Emmedi has achieved a strong position as main player within the market of informatics solutions for banking sector, thanks to its incessant pursuit of high reliability standards, quality and innovation in its products. This important milestone permits today to Emmedi to be leader in supply a wide range of solutions:

  • Control and monitoring systems, remote and automatic, of the status and performances of acquisition and decoding of the installed check scanners base
  • Universal interfaces for managing numerous cash-recyclers devices present on the market
  • Universal interfaces for the majority of the check and A4 scanners available on the market, both in local environment and VDI architecture (Citrix and VMWare)